How To Start A Painting Business?

Hello everyone, today I am telling you how to start a painting business? You can start a painting company with just these few steps

Steps to Start a Painting Business

  • Sign up with your business – $100;00
  • Build a free website
  • Get $100 a month for your insurance.
  • Resources for painting
  • Request for jobs
  • Have your first painting customer-$100
  • Take advantage

It is how I (Eric) started

It’s only been five years since our companies made $4 + million in revenue per year.

  • Why isn’t it as affordable for everyone? New owners are also complicating the launch of a painting business.
  • They’re worried about things like the perfect logo that doesn’t matter too much. Or exactly how to estimate a work of art.
  • In just one week, I will teach you how to launch your painting business at less than $500. Find the details!

Register your painting company

You can google your state’s “business registration” in the United States and find the State Secretary’s website to file. It only takes 10-15 minutes and only costs $50-$100.

Make of websites

It’s a free trial on so many web sites. A couple of good guys are Weebly or Wix. Don’t complicate it, to show that you’re a real enjoy a company site. You need a contact page.

  • I know people who have been putting off making a website for months because it’s still not perfect or spending a ludicrous amount with a designer.
  • In fact, in the beginning, you will receive (if any) such little traffic. Only create a website where you can see all the information about your clients.

Get insurance

You may not require a residential painting certificate in certain jurisdictions in the United States. It would help if you had liability insurance for your painting business.

  • It usually costs about $100 a month for a policy of $1 million.

Get painting equipment

  • You can only pay a thousand dollars for a paint sprayer.

For example 

  • I’m showing you to start a painting business with less than 500 dollars.
  • You might wonder how many subcontractors have their equipment and how they can paint between 50 and 60 percent of the customs fees for your house.
  • After spending about 15 percent on paint and supplies, with around 30 percent profit
  • I earn 25% directly from the customer in front of me. It’s easy to pay for any materials or paints you need before you start building.

How to get a paint job?

There’s a more detailed article here, but here we’re going to cover the basics.

Your subcontractor or painting crew will work, and your profit will be made simpler after one week to negotiate how much they will cost. They know WAY more than when you start, so ask a crew who knows their stuff for advice.

For example, you’re selling $2,500 paintwork

You’re going to get your sub to work, and if you order the materials, they’re going to do it for $1200.

  • Materials and paints with a job of 2500 dollars typically amount to 300-400 dollars. You are suddenly left to make a profit of $800-$1000 for your initial work.
  • AND you spent only the money you spent on the registration and insurance of your painting business. Step 6: Bring your clients back for the first time

We have explained a lot of ways to do it

Although the simplest and cheapest way to get the first client is to knock on a fence, at first, some people get frightened (I did).

From the beginning of my garage door

Out of my throat, I already can sense my heart springing. I guarantee that this nervousness would lessen. You generate an average of three or five leads by knocking at the door for a few hours.

We ran to an average of hundreds of marketing teams 

  • Of the five sides, 3 become home estimates where You’re going to sell 1 of the three percentages.
  • For the first time in the sale, most people are bad.

It’s how to humiliate

My first predictions with Goosebumps. But after perseverance, I became a very good salesman, and I could still sell about half of my total value. You’re going to be bad at estimates if you’re starting.

  • But make sure you have enough door-to-door results to make ten or so guesses. You’re probably going to sell at least one of those, even if you’re bad.

House painting

A little earlier, I was dreaming about this: using subcontractors.

It’s a number game as much as it’s all about the economy. You could recruit and fire four or five crews before finding a reliable one. I am one of the key questions or issues I have.

What kind of good help do you find?

Once again, perseverance. I went through about ten crews (which I still use to this day) before finding my favorite crew.

  • There are some great crews! Many subcontracting crews are unreliable, slow, or too expensive.

I don’t want to hire a low-quality crew

I’m giving the best to my customers, so I’ve given the best. A good team should be able to finish a high-quality $2,500 paint job in two days.


I would like to save you from these costly errors

  • Needless expense in a paint store
  • Loss of profits due to job cuts
  • Rental of a messy singer

Error # 1: overpayment of grants

If your link to the crew/subcontractor has not, you will probably be able to paint the house at the highest stage.

They don’t know about you

You don’t know about them. “If you do a nice housework, I will work for you more.” At least a couple of jobs will probably take you until a real bond grows. It would help if you did the most important things to keep your workers healthy


I hope you’d like to read our excellent material on how to start a painting business and to learn how to do it gradually! Try to put your building ideas in our response box when you are involved in more posts!

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