Architectural Drafter Responsibilities and Duties

The architectural drafter is the one who aims to prepare architects’ and engineering’s designs ad drawings. These are all prepared for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects.

The same is no doubt a very technical role and it surely requires extensive familiarity with design principles, computer-aided drafting technologies (CADD), and programing codes making sure that all of these drawings are well precise and accurate. These all information and drawings are effectively presented to construction crews, contractors, and authorities.

While these architectural drafters never require the same education as mentioned i.e. they don’t need deep knowledge of architectural engineering but still, they are all able to make the best use of numerous skills including mathematics, work checking, reviewing, or updating all drawings and blueprints, and performing necessary calculations with respect to specific project’s elements.

List of Architectural Drafter Duties and Responsibilities

Duties of an architectural drafter may vary as per the assigned area but let us have a look at the most common of them:

Gather Requirements and Data

This is a prime duty they need to follow where they have to gather data. This arises in the early stages of the design and drafting process where he/she has to perfectly gather all required project requirements along with detailed specifications from concerned clients, architects, and engineers, which they can later use as a starting point.

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These requirements can include anything like information about the sites i.e. elevation, access roads, utilities, etc. along with project-specific information i.e. the total number of rooms, required materials, and all functional requirements needed for industrial or commercial projects.

Prepare Architectural Drawings

Being an architectural drafter, he/she has to work closely with concerned clients, architects, and engineers to fully prepare detailed drawings. They all working from the rough drawings and specifications and make use of CAD software program or preparing a full-scale and detailed drawing. All of these drawings perfectly specify detailed project dimensions.


These specifications include room sizes and elevations and eventually provide contractors and construction crews with the complete required information for all materials as well as building plans.

Update Designs

During the design and drafting process, the architectural drafter is the one who updates and modifies designs on basis of new information or at the request of a client. Typically, he/she needs to provide multiple versions of a drawing.

These versions he has to provide either to the architectural and engineering teams or the clients, which are sent for final approval. While making updates in drawings and designs, they ensure that changes do not impact other construction elements.

Provide Drawings and Specifications to Contractors

Architectural drafter no doubt plays a central role to provide detailed information to contractors and construction crews. This is perfectly done by making use of available planning and building processes.

These details can include anything like providing detailed drawings of certain construction elements and answering questions, which are raised while contractors review the blueprints. Additionally, the architectural drafter may prepare additional drawings and answer questions under the supervision of the architect.



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